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How We Grow Mushrooms

We mimic the effects of how mushrooms grow on trees by way of growing mushrooms using hardwood pellets and organic materials in 10lb bags in a totally controlled environment. 


We're expanding into our new 4000 sq. ft. facility, which will be totally environmentally controlled (when complete). It also includes a new positive pressure laboratory with U/V light cleaned air and our super HEPA Filter system (Hospital lab grade) for completely sterilized air to prevent any contamination during lab work. Both of which we're using now. Plus we use stainless steel working tables for extra cleanliness and easy to care for, keeping things sterilized, sealed concrete heated floors. Our lab also has high gloss white steel corrugated walls and ceilings to keep easier cleanliness and sterilization during the work process. 

We use separated growing tents for fruiting varieties under different conditions. This includes a completely filtered air supply and air exhaust for fruiting different varieties and includes humidification controls needed per variety. 


Our main purpose is to inform people and deliver a product for medicinal purposes to help immune systems. 

Our main products are dried mushrooms and powdered forms for the individual. For those who want to grow their own mushrooms, we are beginning to offer agar plates, spawn bags, liquid cultures, and  as well 6lb spawn bags and 10lb grow kits made tp order.  

If you don't want to consume dried/powdered mushrooms, we also offer tinctures in an alcohol-based dual extract. We use grain alcohol to extract the beneficial compounds from mushrooms and provide a liquid form of mushrooms with all of the physical properties you're seeking

Indoor growing provides the ability to tightly regulate light, temperature, and humidity while excluding contaminants and pests. This allows consistent production, regulated by spawning cycles. We have a state of the art purpose-build barn that has advanced filtration and other safety measures that keep our cultivation free from contaminates and pests 

Sterilization and pasteurization are included to destroy any harmful bacteria from forming and damaging our yields. Each variety required specific time spans and temperatures in order to mature. The hardwood substrates we use help ensure that the same nutrients are provided to the fungi as occurs naturally.

Since pinning is the trickiest part for a mushroom grower, we carefully manage the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2), temperature, light, and humidity to trigger each species of mushrooms towards fruiting.

We offer our mushrooms in different states of the process. We offer the culture if you want to try your hand at growing your own. We offer chipped, powdered, whole, and liquid forms as well.

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